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Welcome to the Asian Quality Academy!

Reinvigorate learning, refresh your awareness.

Virtual learning is the new normal and Asian Quality Academy is now available for you to learn using the different online platforms to grasp the importance of quality and patient safety.


This academy comprises of the Baker's Dozen Learning Series virtual modules which provides you with evidence-based guidelines and international standards on quality and patient safety.


You can also learn on-demand while driving, on your way home, or even in the comfort of your home with Asian Quality Academy Podcast where expert guest speakers talk about their professional experiences in Asian Hospital and Medical Center. You can follow and share these podcasts on social media.


Lastly, we have the Asian Quality Insights e-newsletter where we inform the Asian Hospital and Medical Center community by highlighting quality in terms of improvement projects, best hospital practices, and patient safety.


Enroll in Asian Quality Academy using the enrollment key: AQUA2021

Welcome to the Baker’s Dozen 2020 online learning series version 2.0

We’re happy you’re here to learn about improving quality and safety in healthcare. The version 2.0 comprises of essential modules which provide you with evidence-based guidelines and standards in the delivery of quality and safe care.

  • You must first be registered to access the modules. Please click the following link for registration instructions: SIGN UP HERE!
  • Once registered, enroll in the BDLS v2.0 course by using the enrollment key: BDLS2020